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Waid Academy Outdoor Learning Community Allotment

admin admin  •  2019-08-30  •  Connect East Neuk  • 

Investment project code: 2

Pupils from Waid Academy plan to work with school staff and tutors from SRUC agricultural college on a community allotment project. The aim of this project is to increase pupils interest and transferable skills in horticulture and agriculture, vital in this rural agricultural area but also to build pupils resiliance, improve their health and wellbeing and involve them in the community. They plan to raise herbs and vegetable crops that can be used in the schools community cafe. They will also be clearing an overgrown area making it more attractive to the community. In order to do this we would like to submit an application to buy the school a stock of workboots, overalls and a few tools that the students can use as well as some additional money for seeds, compost and other consumables to get the project started.  The total investment needed is less than £1500 but we feel it wil be money well spent on resources that will last for several years and which can hopefully be replenished from money made through the sale of any additional produce grow.

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