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Nature from the Doorstep

Admin Admin  •  2020-10-12  •  Guardbridge  • 

Investment project code: 23

To encourage and support car-free sustainable travel options into and out of Guardbridge with a view to helping residents walk or cyce to enjoy the nature and wildlife of Guardbridge.  Project outcomes are to resurface and renovate with revetment the Kincaple path leading onto the estuary, giving access to the nature reserve and to add a cycle rack for bike storage at the Eden Centre.

This project aims at providing the basic infrastructure to support residents and visitors to access the village without a car and to access the local countryside.  This directly supports the health and wellbeing of residents.  Exercise is a recognised improver of both physical and menal health and challenges isolation.  This project is open to all and provies free and 24-hour support for people to become more active whilst showcasing and introducing both residents and visitors the landscape, nature and wildlife which is on the doorstep of many and often overlooked.  Both of these projects aim to improve local community facilities which provide access to the village's wonderful and internationally important nature reserves.  Accessible from your doorstep.  

(There is currently no cycle provision at the Centre and the Kincape path is badly eroded and in danger of being lost from landslip.)

This project supports the aims and objectives of St Andrews University sustainable travel agenda for the Eden campus.

Proposed on behalf of: Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, St Andrews University

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