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600th Wardlaw Bridge Celebrations

Admin Admin  •  2020-10-26  •  Guardbridge  • 

Investment project code: 36

The Wardlaw Bridge (Old Eden Bridge) was 600 years old in 2019.  Plans for celebrations in late summer 2019 were suddenly brought to a halt when work to repair the bridge started in June without advance notice.  As the works were expected to be finished by November, it was agreed to hold celebrations in 2020, however these celebrations have not yet happened with Covid-19 and we hope it will be third time lucky for 2021. A variety of events from small to large have been discussed and started planning, in the hope that residents would find something that they’d enjoy and want to join in with to help celebrate the historic bridge, in its natural setting and open space environment. Planning for events was started by Guardbridge Community Council with support and organisational help from Guardbridge Community Development Trust. Permission had already been received from the University to hold events in the Eden Nature Reserve Park, permission was awaited from Fife Council once planning had been completed, from conversations there would not have been an issue, but a new submission will be required post Covid-19. The cost is £3,000.00.

Proposed on behalf of: Guardbridge Community Council and Guardbridge Community Development Trust

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