Let's Talk about our Fife

Investment projects with scope: Guardbridge

This heading has a budget of £20,000

Community noticeboard for Innerbridge Street

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

A noticeboard at the Innerbridge Street area would be a useful addition to the Community to keep them informed.  The cost is £700.


Community Garden Storage

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

 Guardbridge has a Community Garden with regular Friday morning gardening sessions, a storage facility would assist with these sessions and volunteers not having to carry equipment with them. The project will make work at the Garden much easier for the volunteers.  The cost is £200.


Community Cabin - Equipment

2020-10-22  •  bmitchell  •  Guardbridge

The Trust was in the process to creating a community cabin by renting the portacabin section at the bowling club.  This ceased to due COVID-19.  However we will re-start the process when it is safe and permitted to do so.

We would like to purchase some equipment for when this happens.  Approximate costs are as follows:-

Small fridge £200;  2 electric heaters £100;  Power tools for men's shed activities £1,000;  Gardening tools £100;  PPE Vests £100;  Total £1.500


Speed Gun for Community Speedwatch

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

Guardbridge had a Community Speed Watch Team last summer and they could have been out more often had equipment been available.  The equipment would be lodged with Police Scotland for compliance.  The project will make Guardbridge a safer place to live and address community concerns over speeding.  Cost will be £2536.00.


Pop Up Bob

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

Guardbridge had a Community Speed Watch Team last summer and in between time Police Scotland located a Pop up Bob in the Community, to help with speed compliance, this would ensure he could Pop up more often in our community.  The equipment would be lodged with Police Scotland.  The project will make Guardbridge a safer place to live and address community concerns over speeding.  The cost will be £219.60.


Nature from the Doorstep

2020-10-12  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

To encourage and support car-free sustainable travel options into and out of Guardbridge with a view to helping residents walk or cyce to enjoy the nature and wildlife of Guardbridge.  Project outcomes are to resurface and renovate with revetment the Kincaple path leading onto the estuary, giving access to the nature reserve and to add a cycle rack for bike storage at the Eden Centre.

This project aims at providing the basic infrastructure to support residents and visitors to access the village without a car and to access the local countryside.  This directly supports the health and wellbeing of residents.  Exercise is a recognised improver of both physical and menal health and challenges isolation.  This project is open to all and provies free and 24-hour support for people to become more active whilst showcasing and introducing both residents and visitors the landscape, nature and wildlife which is on the doorstep of many and often overlooked.  Both of these projects aim to improve local community facilities which provide access to the village's wonderful and internationally important nature reserves.  Accessible from your doorstep.  

(There is currently no cycle provision at the Centre and the Kincape path is badly eroded and in danger of being lost from landslip.)

This project supports the aims and objectives of St Andrews University sustainable travel agenda for the Eden campus.


Picnic Area Seating

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

Guardbridge has a Picnic Area in the layby and one of the seats has been damaged, this would be a replacement.   The project will improve the facilities at the picnic area for anyone stopping there to enjoy the green open space. The cost will be £700.74.


Community Flag

2020-09-22  •  NB  •  Guardbridge

I think that the village lacks an identity and I believe a community flag that identifies our village should be flown from one of the 3 flagpoles in the centre of the village opposite the old mill.

I have approached the University, and they have agreed that the flagpole in the centre is to fly the Saltire, and 1 on either the left or right will fly the University flag and as a village, we can fly ours from the other one, we may also be able to fly a flag from the flagpole at the village school itself. 

To that end, I organised a competition last year with the help of Guardbridge Primary School, and 3 winners were chosen. The designs were then sent off to a flag makers and quotes were received. all we need now is the money to move forward.

See the quote below:

Enclosed are the costs as follows :


1 – 5’ x 3’ Private flag fully printed on knitted polyester flag material, white background with full colour design and finished with sewn edges / roped and toggled ready for flying.

                                £85.50  each.


OR :


3 – 5’ x 3’ Private flag fully printed on knitted polyester flag material, white background with full colour design and finished with sewn edges / roped and toggled ready for flying.

                                £68.00  each.


OR :


6 – 5’ x 3’ Private flag fully printed on knitted polyester flag material, white background with full colour design and finished with sewn edges / roped and toggled ready for flying.

                                £50.00  each.


All goods are subject to a delivery charge.


All goods are subject to V.A.T. at the standard rate.

I am proposing that we buy 6 flags at a total cost of £300 + VAT + delivery


Christmas Tree Replacement

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

Guardbridge was given a community Christmas Tree, unfortunately the Tree is not in good health or showing signs of improvement despite measures taken to try and make it better.  A replacement tree would hopefully enable to community to feel better about it, rather than looking at an unhealthy tree in the centre of the community. The Christmas Tree is the focal point of the Community at Christmas time for the traditional light switch on and a healthy tree would improve the environment and facilities. Permission from the University to replace the tree which they donated and is on their land – they have been involved in the discussion and work to try and improve the condition of the current tree. 


600th Wardlaw Bridge Celebrations

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

The Wardlaw Bridge (Old Eden Bridge) was 600 years old in 2019.  Plans for celebrations in late summer 2019 were suddenly brought to a halt when work to repair the bridge started in June without advance notice.  As the works were expected to be finished by November, it was agreed to hold celebrations in 2020, however these celebrations have not yet happened with Covid-19 and we hope it will be third time lucky for 2021. A variety of events from small to large have been discussed and started planning, in the hope that residents would find something that they’d enjoy and want to join in with to help celebrate the historic bridge, in its natural setting and open space environment. Planning for events was started by Guardbridge Community Council with support and organisational help from Guardbridge Community Development Trust. Permission had already been received from the University to hold events in the Eden Nature Reserve Park, permission was awaited from Fife Council once planning had been completed, from conversations there would not have been an issue, but a new submission will be required post Covid-19. The cost is £3,000.00.