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DESIGN TOGETHER: What are the principles that should guide the choices that can be made about how Fife Council invests in passenger transport services?

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  • Allwillbreaklose
    Allwillbreaklose  • 2020-03-11 01:45:17

    In Fife one bus company holes the monopoly and has the majority of the public services. In some areas like they been chancing it feels like every few weeks like Collydean and they also keep changing which side of the road you get on as well. When you use the buses in some areas maybe one or twice a month to see family. When buses are for ever changing, this makes it very difficult to make sure you are on the correct bus and not been the first time I have been on the wrong bus due to the consent chancing with them. It is a knowing fact the having competition is healthy, so aloud another bus company not connected to stagecoach and run about 50% of the routes. Aloud these routes to cross over with one another. The prices of buses are crazy as well. They go up, but they never come down if they a drop in fuel prices. Competition will mean that they will be a better fares for the customers, which mean it may also bring more people back to buses. Also for more out lying areas and where one or two pupils are being pick up by taxi. Would it not be better to run special public services buses instead to allow the public use these services as well, paying for a normal service, which would also help to cover the cost of those who are being pick up to be taking to school. Also stop chancing the routes to often as well. But the onus on the bus company that they can only change a route once every six months from the last change. The information that they are gathering about which services are being use or not being use, should be giving them enough information to make decisions need to be made. Yes I know that they are changes in the way the services are being used. No change within six months would still aloud summer and winter time tables if required.

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