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DESIGN TOGETHER: Fife Council operates a more generous policy which provides free school transport for primary school pupils who live more than one mile, and all secondary pupils who live more than two miles away from their catchment school. Assisted school transport is available for some pupils based on needs. All schools have travel plans to encourage walking, cycling and active travel to school. What could be done differently around school transport?

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  • Darren36
    Darren36  • 2020-03-19 01:08:54

    I certainly think that for some journeys there is no need for a bus especially with so many public busses running at same time. There may well be a need for many schools to have a bus service but for 1 mile or less perhaps free journeys should be restricted to younger children. Older kids can walk or pay a reduced fayre. It's important to not isolate families who would struggle to pay so perhaps a mean tested application could allow families on low incomes the opportunity to get free transport.

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