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DISCOVER: Thinking about passenger transport services (including School transport, subsidised bus services, door to door transport, and concessionary travel), what's currently working well in Fife?

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  • Darren36
    Darren36  • 2019-11-25 21:34:02

    I think that a lot of unnecessary busses are running on school journeys when the children can walk to school. As has been said before, in a time when climate issues are becoming more important we should not have busses taking kids to school when they can walk or get a local bus that runs at same time. The plus 1 concession card is vital for a lot of people to help with travel etc but it's also misused a lot. I have seen people use the plus 1 to get their 6 year old child on for free. I may be wrong but I was always led to believe that the companion is there to support the user, how can a 6 year old do this?? It's clear a lot of people are taking advantage to get a free bus ride rather than pay a child. It would also be helpful to parents to have bigger busses more often or certainly at peak times when taking kids to school or picking up. The dial a ride is great but it would not be unreasonable to ask for a small fee to use the service.

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  • KMacLean
    KMacLean  • 2019-09-25 00:40:28

    I dont think the concession train subsidies are necessary. Whilst not a huge cost compared with other services provided, the fact that bus travel is provided by the scottish government to also provide concessions for train travel as well is wasteful. We need to prioritise spending, and I think it's more important to get children to school safely on buses than making vulnerable children have 2 or 3 mile walks to school, so elderly and mobility impaired users have the option of cheaper buses and trains. They should have a concession, just not two. The other commentator makes an excellent point - strategic active travel routes which promote cycling and walking would reduce the amount of subsidised bus services necessary if there were safe options connecting villages. This could also be true for reducing the number of school buses. The issue is intrinsically linked to active travel.

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      • Avatar moderator
        Moderator #3  • 2019-09-27 16:13:30

        Thank you for taking the time to contribute. This will be fed into the next process of this exercise.

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  • Fee Lyne
    Fee Lyne  • 2019-10-02 18:00:02

    Concessionary travel. Why are we even doing this? Subsidising the pensioners who can already afford to go for days out in Edinburgh (and/or Dundee presumably) to get there a little cheaper? It’s not a statutory or national service - get rid of completely. Spend the money saved locally on services for the elderly people who need it.

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      • Avatar moderator
        Moderator #3  • 2019-12-04 12:10:34

        Thank you for taking the time to contribute. The National Entitlement Card (i.e bus pass) is funded by the Scottish Government and not Fife Council.

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  • Danroota
    Danroota  • 2019-10-25 21:05:58

    There is concessionary bus travel already for people who have diagnosed mental illnesses (well done Fife Council). I am of the opinion we should expand that and that concessionary travel should be provided to those who are struggling with addiction. I would suggest a travel card with a limited amount monthly to enable those individual's to attend any health appointments they may have. They would have to top this up at the bus station.

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