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Calling all residents of Kincardine, Culross, Low Valleyfield, High Valleyfield, Newmills and Torryburn! What could YOU do in your village with a share of £170,000?

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    ROBERT POTTER  • 2022-12-21 20:33:48

    Hi this is Robert Potter
    The vice chair person of the Valleyfield sports hub,
    We have been working as a steering group for over a year and we’ve currently been approved for OSCA charitable status,
    We’re currently in the process of renovating and upgrading the High Valleyfield Astro turf
    The Astro turf in High Valleyfield will be a massive boost to the local community and surrounding villages,
    Our group are aiming to tackle fitness and mental health wellbeing issues in the surrounding communities, we will be running a number of activities to tackle these problems, and all local sports and recreational groups will get use of these facilities,
    The Scottish Power fund would be a great help to cover the cost of a new portacabin and storage container, the portacabin would get used as an office/kitchen/meeting space
    And the storage container would get kitted out with lockers and for sports equipment.
    And the environmental side we are going to replace the existing flood lights with new LED lights which is energy and cost effective and environmentally friendly,
    Thanks for taking the time to read our Idea and hopefully it can help us in the application for funding

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  • Grow_West_Fife
    Grow_West_Fife  • 2022-12-10 17:55:16

    Grow West Fife is a charity set up in lockdown at Blair Castle, Culross to grow food for those in need in the West Fife villages and help people to grow their own food at home. We promote mental well-being and social inclusion and support groups like Andy’s Man Club for men in crisis, Fairway Fife for young people with learning disabilities, and people living with depression. We recently launched a lunch club where anyone can join us for good company and a hot meal cooked with our home-grown veg in our warm and friendly kitchen.
    We now need a sustainable energy solution to keep our kitchen cooking and our guests warm throughout the cost of living crisis and beyond. We want to install a solar/renewable energy and battery system to make us self-sufficient and will use it as a demonstration model to help members of our West Fife community make the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy.
    This will be part of a series of sustainable living workshops including remake and repair sessions with specialist instructors, and growing and cooking classes. It will also power a workshop where renovation work will be carried out by volunteers on our outhouses and derelict greenhouse. The renewable system will ensure Grow West Fife can continue supporting our West Fife community for many years to come.
    We estimate the cost of of a renewable energy system to meet our workshop and lunch club requirements will be £16,000.

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      • Coryn Barclay
        Coryn Barclay  • 2022-12-13 14:38:11

        Please note that applications can be made for up to a maximum of £10,000 per project. If costs are estimated at £16,000, you may need to consider where match funding will come from to deliver the total cost of the project, or consider breaking the project down into more than one application. Projects need to make an application to either the £50k energy and climate fund, or the £120k Legacy Fund.

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  • Ronnie collins
    Ronnie collins  • 2022-11-23 22:14:36

    West Fife Woodlands.
    Our group are in desperate need to replace our work tools used on a weekly basis. We have a pretty long list ranging from brush cutters to spades, rakes and various other hand tools. Most people will be aware of the extensive path net work we have created in west fife, this application if successful will help the group keep up the good work in maintaining this network of paths for everyone to enjoy. Included in the grant application we are also seeking funding to improve our diverse wildlife with the hope to introduce Pine Martin boxes throughout our area. Along with a juice maker, which will be used in the Orchard in Valleyfield Woods. This would be used in conjunction with the local primary schools to invite them to open days and sample the apple juice produced from the trees in the orchard. Again using these open days with the aim to improve on out door education. The total cost of our application will be £7 000. Our outdoors is for everyone to enjoy, if successful we will take this one step further.

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  • DMacK
    DMacK  • 2022-11-21 15:28:43

    As we get closer to finishing the restoration of Culross Pier it is hoped to be able to install a substantial marker at the round head of the old pier.
    The proposal is to fit a 100mm stainless market post with plasma cut compass markers set into the concrete.
    The cost for the stainless post (100mm diam, 5mm thick steel) is around £450 and it is estimated that the 8 stainless compass markers would cost a further £700 to fabricate. It is hoped to add a solar charged light to the tip, costs have yet to be confirmed - total funding estimated to be less than £1,500.

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  • carolyn Gray
    carolyn Gray  • 2022-12-19 12:38:25

    High Valleyfield Community Council, would like to install benches throughout the village, down to Torryburn. This would encourage people to get out walking and would be helpful for elderly folks and anyone with mobility issues. It would also enhance the facilities in the village. The Community Council are also seeking funding to reduce the effects of the current cost of living crisis by tackling poverty in the area. We would like to introduce a stitching group at Valleyfield Community Centre, this would encourage people to come to the centre and benefit from a warm space in a welcoming community environment we would also like to provide light meals and snack as part of the sessions.

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  • Tammy Hume
    Tammy Hume  • 2022-12-03 12:08:52

    I think an activity club or something along these lines for kids in the winter months would be fab, my kids are 4 and 5 and theres nothing in walking distance for them after school or on weekends ect, id be happy to pay a fee for my girls to take part as im sure a lot of parents would.

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      • Coryn Barclay
        Coryn Barclay  • 2022-12-14 10:56:58

        This kind of application would be welcomed. Please note that the application could support resources and equipment but could not support any staffing costs.

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  • Tim Collins
    Tim Collins  • 2022-11-18 12:57:06

    We would like funding towards installing cycle storage racks within the village.
    We have a quote from a supplier / installer to provide a 20 cycle storage rack in two tiers. The lower tier to have electric charging points.
    We have been given space for this installation, in the car park of our community owned local Inn together with the power source.
    The aim of our project is to encourage outdoor activity and the use of pedal power over petrol power.
    The benefits of both of our aims are well documented elsewhere : social wellbeing, reduced traffic pollution, reduced wear and tear on the highway and pavements, increase in fitness levels and so on and on.
    We are applying for funding of £7,000:00 for this project.
    We are a community benefit society, with charitable purposes, based in the village and registered with the FCA.

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  • steven Bishop
    steven Bishop  • 2022-12-22 15:34:06

    the remembrance garden to be situated at the entrance of the village as a remembrance area with seats and plants shrubs and a memorial so this proud ex mining area remembers all loved ones lost in previous wars as well as disasters a place to sit and remember

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  • DMacK
    DMacK  • 2022-11-21 15:35:44

    Culross Primary School Parent Council are applying for funding to help us address and improve the playground in the school - there is a 25 m by 15m section under the classroom windows that needs resurfaced and we are hoping the forward west Fife funding avenue could help us secure money for this project.
    As it stands, we are hoping to get a recycled all weather type surface, that will enable all the movable play equipment to be used and give the most versatility to the space.
    We will need to get quotes completed to enable us to complete the application but wanted to make you aware of our intentions.

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      • Coryn Barclay
        Coryn Barclay  • 2022-12-01 10:39:26

        Unfortunately, this type of project would not meet the funds criteria as it would be a capital refurbishment project of a Fife Council facility and should be met by other means. The funds are to be directed to 'legacy' projects that support and bring wider community benefit.

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          • Coryn Barclay
            Coryn Barclay  • 2022-12-01 10:42:51

            Here's a quick recap of the eligibility criteria for the two different funding streams that are available:

            £50k Scottish Power Energy and Climate Fund:
            Eligible towns / villages: Kincardine, Culross, Newmills and Torryburn, Low Valleyfield, High Valleyfield.
            Applications that include either
            · Environmental improvements
            · Renewable energy or energy efficiency
            (examples of projects: Renewable energy – solar / wind power sources for local projects; Transportation – cycling schemes and other low carbon choices; Initiative to get people walking rather than using the car; Growing your own food and improving local facilities to do so; Training / Education of environmental and wildlife issues; Anything that promotes re-use, re-cycling or sustainability; Protection of flora and fauna)

            £120k Scottish Power Legacy Fund (including £20k contribution from Fife Council):
            Eligible towns / villages: Kincardine, Culross, Newmills and Torryburn, Low Valleyfield, High Valleyfield.
            Applications that include any of the following themes will be considered:
            · Protection of environment and reduction of climate change impact
            · Development of knowledge, skills and education
            · Development of ‘good neighbours’ practices and community development
            · Development of heritage, culture and creativity within the local community
            · Support of the most disadvantaged or needy with a focus on poverty prevention
            · Ideas that meet any of the Plan 4 Fife ambitions

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  • James Hume
    James Hume  • 2023-01-02 16:12:06

    HI Jimmy Hume from the fishing club in High Valleyfield we work with all villagers running a fishing club all areas, welcome we are trying to encourage younger community members to get involved working along with local community council and Community Centre. this is classed as an environmental sport and out door activity bringing all ages and cultures together for a healthy enjoyable ,relaxing sport we are looking for new environmental equipment as well as environmental passes for different lochs and area

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