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1. What themes/topics would you expect to see included as part of Fife's Community Portal offering? (For example: Funding, Volunteering Opportunities)

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  • Bob
    Bob  • 2020-02-05 12:57:15

    Please beware overlap or duplication with other, existing websites. For example - Fife Voluntary Action already lists Volunteering Opportunities. If the Council starts a similar list, it just means more work for the voluntary sector, ie we would need to add our volunteer opportunities to two places! It also makes it less clear for the public to know where to go for information.

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      • HelenL
        HelenL  • 2020-02-11 12:49:18

        I agree with this. Volunteering is a great case in point. It's much easier for those interested in volunteering to go to one place only. So putting a link to that portal might be a better way. Possible exception - if you were organising an event ie one off and time-limited, it might be better to contain all the information for that event (including a call for volunteers) within the event details if they were going to be publicised here.

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  • Elaine Fraser
    Elaine Fraser  • 2020-02-11 10:34:39

    I agree with Suzy on overlap and duplication that would result in dilution. Any information listed on the site must be constantly updated for it to be relevant.

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  • Farflung Levenmouth
    Farflung Levenmouth  • 2020-02-10 23:51:12

    All the examples used (funding, volunteering, legal status-constitutional matters etc) are currently provided by Fife Voluntary Action (or equivalent national networks such as SCVO) so I think it be quite unnecessary and probably harmful to duplicate this. Rather better co-operation, including the Digital Fife platform, to strengthen what exists - and perhaps ensure an updated online directory of voluntary groups, according to different criteria (sector, area, size, etc) is maintained. The interface between Council and Voluntary Sector should perhaps be the main focus instead - services, referrals, land, budgets, representation. It can be quite difficult for voluntary groups to gather information needed, to find out what current initiatives are running in the Council (and wider public sector) which may be very relevant.

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  • stuartWANT
    stuartWANT  • 2020-02-10 17:20:19

    Both Suzy and Lynda make good points. Our priority is accessing funding and so we would like to see a maintained, up-to-date list of funders and any new funding initiatives that become open. Another source of worry for a small community sports club like ourselves is arranging financial auditing and ensuring we have the correct legal status to open particular sources of funding and/or reduce outgoings (VAT, council tax, utilities). We don't have the necessary expertise among our members and need to know where to go for good advice.

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  • Lynda
    Lynda  • 2020-02-05 08:31:17

    A list of community groups including their aims/contact details/target audience. A list of potential grants/funding opportunities. Details of any help via Fife Council (eg reduction on venue hire for charities/orgs, access to FC transport, any other resources available. Definitely volunteering opportunities.

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