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In Guardbridge, what kind of community activity or projects would you like to see taken forward, to connect local residents, and revive a sense of community in the village?

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  • GB
    GB  • 2020-09-09 12:34:48

    My idea is to build a Calisthenic Park. Calisthenic workout (sometimes also called street workout) is a form of physical training focused on teaching you to master your own bodyweight suitable for people of every age. The Calisthenic park consists of a number of different pull-up bars, dip bars and other equipment to support bodyweight training. Calisthenic is getting more and more popular as it represents exercise in its most natural form and combines strength training and basic gymnastic movements and is a great fun. There are very few parks like this in Scotland, and I believe Guardbridge could become one of few proper purpose build Calisthenic park in Scotland. This is a fantastic way to get together and learn new skills and workout without paying for gym membership and results are fantastic and great fun for all.

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  • NB
    NB  • 2020-09-16 08:55:37

    I think that the village lacks an identity and I believe a community flag that identifies our village should be flown from one of the 3 flagpoles in the centre of the village opposite the old mill. I have approached the University, and they have agreed that the flagpole in the centre is to fly the Saltire, and 1 on either the left or right will fly the University flag and as a village, we can fly ours from the other one. To that end, I organised a competition last year with the help of Guardbridge Primary School, and 3 winners were chosen. The designs were then sent off to a flag makers and quotes were received. all we need now is the money to move forward.

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      • Admin
        Admin  • 2020-09-21 12:57:09

        Please apply for some money from this project, you can speak to Karen Scott at the contact details on this site for help completing the application.

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  • bcousino
    bcousino  • 2020-09-04 23:25:01

    I think a community garden or farmers market would be a great thing to get people out and together. This is harder with the current situation but would be great to see happen!

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  • Mrs B
    Mrs B  • 2020-08-16 19:49:17

    I would like a community cabin located centrally if possible in the village, you could even involve Forest Craft to commission it thereby using a local business based in guardbridge itself

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      • bmitchell
        bmitchell  • 2020-08-16 22:35:53

        Definitely agree that we need some form of community cabin and using local business would benefit all. Only issue is where to put it? Perhaps we could look at area behind football goals in park? Wonder if we could pursue old football ground in Motray Park if planning application for houses does not go ahead?

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