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Let's Talk... about Renewed Rosyth


Renewed Rosyth is a regeneration project.

Watch the video below to see the designs that were created in response to community feedback on things that could be done to improve the Goth area of Rosyth.

Residents and community groups in Rosyth were given the opportunity to come forward with their ideas on what could be done to improve the area, creating a place where people want to live, work and meet.

The designs have now be drawn up in response to community feedback to look at improving the streetscape of the area.

This includes:
· Street signage
· lighting
· crossing points
· street art
· street furniture and
· cycle parking

The designs were produced to reflect what the community said would benefit the area.

We are now asking for feedback and comments on the proposed design in order to move it on to the next stage and bring the designs to life.

Here is a link to a walkthrough of the area at the start of the consultation process:

Renewed Rosyth has been funded by the Scottish Government through the Sustrans Scotland Community Links programme and delivered in partnership with Fife Council.

To find out more contact Rowan Young on 07702 339287 or email rowan.young@fife.gov.uk