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Time to Revive the Guardbridge Community


Do you live in Guardbridge, and have ideas about what is needed to help to revive community life in Guardbridge?

Guardbridge community is going through a major period of change. The development of St Andrews University’s Eden Campus will bring new people in to work in the village. New housing developments will see the size of the village double over the coming years.

In 2016, residents participated in a community event based around the Place Standard. This identified the need for improvement in social aspects of place, including opportunities for community interaction. More recently, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted on many aspects of our day to day interactions with others.

£20,000 has been set aside from the Local Community Planning Budget for the Area for the benefit of the community. Through a participatory budgeting process, residents of Guardbridge will prioritise what projects could be funded to help the community connect with and support each other.

See below for what to expect from each stage of the timeline

Debate : 7 Aug - 4 Oct
Open discussion on type of community activity local residents would like to see supported or developed in the village of Guardbridge.

Proposals: 5 – 25 Oct
Local residents invited to submit proposals online or through a paper form

Review : 26 Oct – 5 Nov
A local steering group will review proposals and agree which proposals meet the criteria to go forward for a public vote.

Voting : 6 Nov – 23 Nov
Local residents vote for the projects they would like to see taken forward, either online through https://fif.communitychoices.scot/budgets or through ballot boxes in the village.

Results : week beginning 23 Nov
Announcement of winning projects

If you have an idea for a project that will help local people to connect with others in the village, please take part in the discussion below.

You are also invited to have a chat with one of the following people to explore the best way to take your idea forward:

Barbara Mitchell, Chairperson, Guardbridge Community Development Trust, GCDTcontact@gmail.com
Valerie Sturrock, Secretary, Guardbridge Community Council, guardbridgecc@gmail.com
Karen Scott, Community Education Worker, Fife Council: karen.scott@fife.gov.uk or call 07718 269753

More information about the process, and how to apply, will be included in a Village Newsletter in September.